Interested persons are encouraged to nominate individuals to the Committee for consideration by completing the nomination application form that may be attained via the MHS athletic website. The deadline for submitting a nomination is May 1st .

Eligibility requirements include:
  • Athletes – must be out of high school a minimum of 10 years
  • Coach – must no longer be coaching in the Madeira school system
  • Contributor – may still be involved in the same or similar capacity
Additional consideration may include sportsmanship, ethics and integrity
The induction of the 2023 Hall of Fame class was held on Friday, December 1st. New HOF members include:
  • Amanda Davis ’02
  • Leesa Dooley ’08
  • Zack Jansen ’13
  • Keith Norris ‘75
  • Tony Ramirez ’07
  • Tom Walter 'Contributer
Learn more about our newest HOF members by watching the induction video and clicking on their name below.


1991 Inductees

Perry Ancona

Walter Farrington

James Perin

William Klenk

Les “Doc” Voshell

Nadine Wilson

1992 Inductees

Charles “Ched” Thornton

Roland Wierwille

Dora Fitzsimmons-Daniluk

Pam Mack

Mike Meece

1993 Inductees

Crystal Terry

Aaron “Whitey” Gerrard

Len Fesmire

John Rahe

Masaji “Stogie” Toki

Sue Glasgow-Schweppe

1994 Inductees

Thor Jacobs

Kelly McDonough

Russ Arey

Nancy Burns

Denny Garrett

1995 Inductees

Jason Ladd

Vicki Clever

Mel Ballman

Bob Klenk

Sid Friedman

Kathy Huiet

1996 Inductees

Jean Lytle

Bob Murphy

Bob Wick

Bill Hoffeld

Scott Kincaid

Robin Stevenson

1997 Inductees

Greg Chase

Charles Erfman

Myra Kemp

Jerry Balsly

Dave Uebel

Sally Lytle

1998 Inductees

Bob Gardner

Bill Case

Martin “Pep” Strifler

Marty Strouse

Debbie McCleary

Greg Hoffeld

1999 Inductees

Dan Henke

Bill Williamson

Mike Collins

Andrea Lydon

2000 Inductees

Dick Knight

Ron Borcherding

Dave Babik

Jenny Koth

2001 Inductees

Carl Thornton

Dale Clever

Craig Lytle

Jenny Trowbridge

Jay Newberry

2002 Inductees

John Prehn

Nancy Durand

Jeff Hern

Wendy Floering

Ray Cravaack

2003 Inductees

Phireth Lorth

Jim Decatur

Amanda Blackwelder

Bob Volz

2004 Inductees

George Atkins

Ed Greenert

Diana Boehnlein

Chuck Graft

2005 Inductees

Jon Newberry

Robert Williams

Russell Williams

Edgar “Eddie” DeMar

Bob Kitchen

Sharon Allman

2006 Inductees

Ray Phillips

John Perin

Leonard LeFevre

Tim Dooley

Rosie Bauer

2007 Inductees

Larry Pohlman

Carwin Pleasant

Carole Toki

Kris Kuykendall

Bob Kearns

2008 Inductees

John Taylor

Jenny Newberry

Mark Lewis

Cari Coler

Wilby “Toby” Tolson

2009 Inductees

August “Augie” Semon

Amy Hurst

Debbie Stimac

Sonny Tudor

Todd Schlensker

2010 Inductees

Cathy & Charlie Schweppe

Alison DeWitt

Ed Hausgen

Drew Cloran

Mary Lou Weber

Jane Kuykendall

2011 Inductees

Josh Cohen

Ashlee Edgell

Bob Gripshover

Terry Hartley

Bill Kelly

2012 Inductees

Ken Fields

Bridget Gleason

Roger Shipman

Rick Spears

Ann Staubach

2013 Inductees

Greg Ely

Steve Gardner

Cathy Kuykendall

Dave Schlensker

Bev & Ed Strelau

Hank Wehrman

2014 Inductees

Art Cacaro

Lauren Dehan

Gordon Guin

Judi Kidder

Jack Kuzniczci

Jon Unger

2015 Inductees

Joy Godwin

Sean Hassman

Helen Klenk

Jim Reynolds

Bret Underwood

Jeff Warmouth

2016 Inductees

Kevin Cloran

Brad Darter

Kevin Gilligan

Terry Jacobs

Allison Wagner

2017 Inductees

Cindy Moore

Steve Tudor

Nate Bascom

David Carpenter

Bess Krietemeyer

2018 Inductees

Bobby Adams

Jimmy Cummings

Katie Landgrebe

Andrew Benintendi

Jenna Luthman

2019 Inductees

Sam Bascom

Johnny Carpenter

Alexis Carter

Joe Gettinger

Brad Marsh

2020 Inductees

Roger Balsly

Susan Born

Lynda & Arnie Maslow

Vance Harper

Jenny Winkelman

2021 Inductees

Regan Shipman

Gretchen Staubach

John Dunn

Jim Heisel

Leah Raming

2022 Inductees

Robbie Tudor

Caitlyn McCullough

Javier Ibarra

Robb Hern

Shawn Burroughs

2023 Inductees

Amanda Davis

Keith Norris

Leesa Dooley

Tom Walter

Tony Ramirez

Zack Jansen