Nadine Wilson


1967 - 1982




Track and Field

A dedicated coach who, over a remarkable 15-year career, guided the girls in Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, and Field Hockey to outstanding success. Notably, her 1978 Volleyball Team secured the State Championship, and her achievements gained recognition in Sports Illustrated by Norman Vincent Peale.

Win/Loss Record:
• Volleyball: 245 wins, 8 losses
• Basketball: 220 wins, 20 losses
• Track and Field: 240 wins, 7 losses
• Field Hockey: 64 wins, 2 losses

• 24 EHL Championships (Volleyball 11, Basketball 7, Track and Field 6)
• 5 District and Regional Championships in Volleyball
• 6 SW Ohio District Track and Field Championships
• 20-time recipient of the EHL Coach of the Year in 3 sports (Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field)
• First woman coach to be inducted into the Ohio Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame with over 400 wins (1981)
• Inducted into the Buddy LaRosa Hall of Fame (1986)