The journey of a Madeira athlete is marked by many growing experiences.   The first time an athlete puts on a school jersey they know they are part of the team.  The late-night practices, the early morning workouts, and the constant balancing of academic demands, becomes a dedication that not everyone wants to commit to doing.   Overcoming an injury, not being a starter, getting benched.  Winning the big game, making lifelong friendships, getting better every practice…. sticking with it!  This is what sports is all about.   

The Madeira Athletic Boosters was formed over 60 years ago to support our athletes in meeting these challenges and achieving their ambitions.  Our guiding principles for supporting our athletes:


Every Play

Make sure athletes have the training, equipment, and motivation they need to provide maximum effort and excel to the best of their capabilities on every play.

Every Player

Whether you are a starter or the last player off the bench every player understands their importance and daily contribution they make to the success of the team.

One Team

Strong character, self-discipline, selflessness, physical and emotional development is the essence of sports- as a community, we are the one team that can provide the financial resources and time commitment to make that growth happen.


2022-09-20 Booster Constitution