Robbie Tudor


2005 – 2009

2 Years Soccer

3 Years Baseball

4 Years Basketball

2 Years Football

1 Year Track

He is celebrated as a versatile multi-sport athlete whose journey to success began at the age of 4, surrounded by a supportive group of teammates and coaches. His passion and dedication shone brightly on the basketball court, where he left an indelible mark on Madeira High School athletics. His remarkable skills and leadership qualities were recognized with numerous individual awards, including the prestigious titles of CHL, City, and District Player of the Year in 2009. Additionally, his exceptional performance earned him the honor of being selected as second-team All-State in the same year. He stands as a shining example of dedication, perseverance, and excellence for future generations of athletes.

2007 – District Champions
2008 – 2nd Team CHL

2008 – 2nd Team CHL

2007 – Regional Champions
2007 – District Champions
2009 – Honorable Mention CHL

2009 – 2nd Team All-State
2009 – 1st Team All-District
2009 – District Player of the Year
2008, 2009 – 1st Team CHL
2009 – CHL Player of the Year
2009 – 1st Team All-City
2009 – City Player of the Year
2009 – Ohio North/South Team