Dave Schlensker


1994 - 2012



A distinguished figure in girls’ sports, this individual served as the Girls’ Basketball coach for an impressive 18 years, achieving a remarkable record of 298 wins and never experiencing a losing season. Notably, his coaching prowess led the 2000 and 2002 Amazon teams to the Division III State semi-finals. Additionally, he contributed significantly to the Girls’ Softball program, coaching for 16 seasons. His enduring impact and success rightfully earn him a place of honor in the Hall of Fame.

298 Wins, 116 Losses
3 Times CHL Champions
8 Sectional Championships
4 District Championships
2 Regional Championships
2 State Final Fours
8 Times CHL Coach of the Year
3 Times District Coach of the Year
18 Consecutive Winning Seasons

187 Wins, 147 Losses
3 CHL Championships
3 Sectional Championships
2 District Championships
3 Times CHL Coach of the Year