Lynda & Arnie Maslow




Beginning their tenure in 1992, Lynda and Arnie Maslow’s visionary leadership transformed the Tennis programs by instilling a no-cut policy, fostering an inclusive environment where every aspiring athlete had the opportunity to participate and excel.

Under their guidance, the Tennis teams achieved remarkable success, earning numerous accolades that resulted in them being recognized as CHL Coach of the Year six times collectively. However, beyond the wins and losses on the courts, their impact transcended the realm of athletics. They were renowned for imparting invaluable life lessons to their players, drawing from their own experiences and wisdom to inspire and mentor the next generation.

Their ability to relate anecdotes and share stories for every situation left an indelible mark on their players, instilling in them not only the skills to succeed in Tennis but also the resilience, character, and fortitude to navigate life’s challenges with grace and determination.

Boys and Girls Tennis Coaches – 22 years
360 Wins
6 CHL Coach of the Year Awards
1 Greater Cincinnati Coach of the Year Award
Coached 29 Sectional Qualifiers
Coached 8 District Qualifiers
Coached 2 State Qualifiers

Also Inducted: 2021 (class of 2020)