Regan Shipman


1989 - 1993

Basketball - 4 Years

Softball - 4 Years

Volleyball - 4 Years

A true embodiment of versatility and dedication, she excelled in three sports: Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball, leaving an indelible mark on each field of play.  Her journey at Madeira High School was marked by a profound belief in the opportunities presented both academically and athletically. Through her participation in sports, she honed valuable skills such as teamwork, discipline, and self-confidence, attributes that were instrumental in her personal growth and success.

As an athlete, she consistently stood out, earning the distinction of being an All-CHL player across all three sports. Her exceptional talent and dedication were further recognized with numerous personal accolades throughout her high school career.  In Volleyball, she achieved remarkable team success, securing the title of two-time CHL Champion, a testament to her leadership and prowess on the court. Her illustrious high school career reached its pinnacle when she was awarded the prestigious Madden Award in 1993, a fitting tribute to her outstanding contributions to Madeira athletics. Her athletic journey continued at Kenyon College, where she continued to excel in both Volleyball and Basketball, further solidifying her legacy as a remarkable athlete.

1991, 1992 – CHL Champion
1991, 1992 – 1st Team All-CHL
1991, 1992 – CHL Player of the Year
1991, 1992 – 1st Team All-City
1992 – City All-Star Team
1992 – State All-Star Game

1993 – 1st Team All-CHL
1993 – 1st Team All-District
1993 – District 16 Player of the Year
1993 – All-City All-Star Team

1992, 1993 – 1st Team All-CHL

Madden Award Winner 1993