Nancy Burns


1967 - 1971

Volleyball - 4 Years

Basketball - 4 Years

Track - 4 Years

Field Hockey - 4 Years

Softball - 1 Year

A trailblazer in the emergence of girls’ sports at Madeira High School, this exceptional individual played a pivotal leadership role during a transformative period. As the top scorer in both Volleyball and Basketball during her senior year, she not only excelled individually but also contributed significantly to the success of her teams.

Particularly noteworthy is her involvement in a remarkable six-year span where all girls’ teams achieved an undefeated record. It’s important to highlight that during this era, there were no formal recognitions such as All-League or All-State honors for these accomplished athletes. Despite the absence of such accolades, this group of determined and pioneering athletes, including the honoree, played an instrumental role in laying the groundwork for the Amazon teams of today. Their dedication, resilience, and commitment to excellence have left an enduring legacy, contributing to the vibrant and successful athletic culture at Madeira High School.