2024-04-01 Eric Luther

Sport(s) Played: Cross Country and Track

Q1: Why did you choose the sport(s) that you play?
When I was in middle school and lived on Madeira Pines Drive, we would always play running based games like capture the flag and infection. I realized that I enjoyed running, and ever since I have wanted to improve at it. I think running is a great way to improve your physical and mental capacities while spending time with friends.

Q2: What is your favorite Madeira sports memory?
My favorite Madeira sports memory was right after our 4×400 relay at Anderson High School my junior year. Sheets of rain were falling down, our team left on the bus, and the four of us, Ryan Ashton, Quinn LeBorgne, and Natha Momper had to cool down and pack up camp in the rain. We were exhausted but also very excited about the race that we just had. We couldn’t stop smiling despite the conditions.

Q3: How do you get motivated to practice each and every day?
It’s really about doing what you enjoy. Of course, the warm weather always helps, especially during track, but I always enjoy going to practice and running with my teammates. I know that I want to run well for myself and my team as well.

Q4: What super power do you wish you had and how would you use it?
I wish I could manipulate time. As Ferris Bueller so aptly states “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.

Q5: Which athlete(s) would you like to have dinner with and what would you talk about?
I would love to sit down and have a poutine with the great Joey Votto. I’ve always loved baseball, the Cincinnati Reds, and of course, him. We would probably start talking about baseball and see where the conversation goes from there.

Q6: What makes a great teammate?
A great teammate is someone who will push you out of your comfort zone but also always have your back. I have been fortunate to have many great teammates who would yell encouragement at me during workouts but joke with me afterwards.

Q7: What is on your pre-game playlist?
My music taste is pretty eclectic but there would definitely be some Peach Pit, The Beatles, Declan McKenna, and Fleetwood Mac.

Q8: What is the funniest thing that you have seen or happened to you in a practice or game?
During my sophomore year, our team wanted to earn some extra points during our CHL meet, so Mateo Ramirez and I were signed up for the high jump. We both practiced the entire week before but couldn’t get height. Come meet day, we both automatically advanced to finals because enough people scratched. The bar was set way higher than either one of us could jump. We each failed our three jumps, and although it was slightly embarrassing, especially when my elbow started bleeding on the mat, I look back on it fondly.

Q9: What is next after you graduate?
I will be attending The Ohio State University as a Morrill Scholar majoring in chemical engineering.

Q10: What advice would you give an 8th grade athlete as they move on to high school sports?
Come into high school being flexible. Try to do sports that you might have not done before because you never know what you will like and what you won’t. If you surround yourself with likeminded people and aren’t afraid to challenge yourself, then you will thrive.