November 13, 2017

1. Call to Order

Todd Hicks (President) called to order the Executive Board and Select Committee meeting of the Madeira Athletic Boosters (MAB) Executive Board at 6:31PM on Monday November 13, 2017 at the Perrin Learning Commons at Madeira High School.

Members Present: Jennifer Bracken, Derek Cedillo, Hillary Cravaack, Brian Hanley, Jeff Heisser, Lisa Heisser, Todd Hicks, Kevin Kimbrough, Joe Kimling, Mark Macke, Lane Pence, Jill Smith, Jenny Stallworth, Joe Stegman, Charlene Stevenson, Tom Rapp, Steve Turnbull

2. Agenda and Approval of Minutes

Todd Hicks (President) asked if members had any changes, questions or comments to the minutes from the September 11, 2017 and October 9, 2017 MAB meetings.  Hearing none, Todd Hicks (President) moved motion, seconded by Brian Hanley (Recording Secretary) to approve minutes.  All were in favor.

3. Board Updates

Nothing to report.

4. President’s Report

a. MAB Website

Todd Hicks (President) provided updates on dialogue with Mr. Sean Garza, local Madeira resident who created websites for multiple Madeira organizations, regarding feasibility of creating separate MAB web page.  Preference is for a dynamic web presence, updated with relevant content on current sports season status to drive engagement and interaction with the broader community.  In addition, a PayPal feature, linked to MAB bank account, will be provided as new payment option for future membership campaigns.

Post meeting, Executive Board approved motion, moved by Todd Hicks (President), to donate 2017 family membership to Sean Garza in recognition of his time and efforts to create MAB website at no cost.  All were in favor.

b. Strategic Plan

Steve Turnbull (Capital Projects) presented aggregate list of future needs sourced from all athletic teams.  Next step is to rank and prioritize requests and create a Strategic Plan defining MAB fundraising goals for short-term and medium-term timelines.

c. Cross Country Flag

Lane Pence (Fundraising Co-Chair) presented options for free standing flag for use by the Cross-Country program.  Team reviewed photos of tents and flags from other Cincinnati Hills League teams.  Lane Pence (Fundraising Co Chair) moved motion, seconded by Joe Stegman (Vice President), to fund Madeira branded flag for Cross Country team.  All were in favor.

5. Vice President’s Report

Nothing to report.

6. Treasurer’s Report

Prior to meeting, Steve Soper (Treasurer) forwarded updated Cash Flow / Income Expense report thru October 2017.  Please see attachment TR20171113.pdf.

7. Athletic Director’s Report

Nothing to report.

8. Committee Reports

a. Membership

Current Membership numbers by level listed in Meeting Agenda

b. Corresponding

Nothing to report

c. HOF

Nothing to report

d. Capital Projects

Reviewed as part of President’s Report

e. Middle School

Nothing to report

f. Concessions

Hillary Cravaack (Concessions) reported that Fall concession receipts up over 2016. Final Forms system has eased administrative burden of populating volunteer concession slots.  Brief discussion on feasibility of adding Square credit card payment option in lieu of cash but technically challenging to share card reader across phone numbers; additional research required.

9. Sports Representatives

Charlene Stevenson provided written report of Swim Team status.  Please see attachment ST20171113.pdf.

10. Old Business

Nothing to report.

11. New Business

Lane Pence (Fundraising Co Chair) presented proposal for MAB Kids Club, including spirit string bag sponsored by local businesses.  Team very encouraged by concept and seeks to understand interest from local businesses to sponsor spirit gifts as this will determine how many MAB Kids Club memberships are available.

Lane Pence (Fundraising Co Chair) also provided cost estimates to create MAB Amazon and Mustang free standing pop ups as visual point of interest to market MAB memberships during sports events.

12. Adjournment

Todd Hicks (President) moved motion, seconded by Joe Stegman (Vice President) to adjourn meeting at 7:26 PM   All were in favor.  Next Meeting scheduled for Monday December 11, 2017.


Respectfully submitted,

Brian Hanley

Recording Secretary